Aircraft Structures Competition MIAMI WINNERS – Everyone had a Riveting time!

Submitted by Tammy Cook Tue, 12/20/2016 - 09:31

The Aero Skills Tournament (AST) reports winners on the 3rd stop on the US Aircraft Structures Tour from last week – the TOP GUN Event in Miami Florida.

It was an excellent opportunity and real eye opener where many witnessed the first Aero Skills in Southern Florida.
Jay Logie, President of Aircraft Technologies Group, developers of the event, said, “Miami greeted us with open arms starting with George T Baker Aviation Technical College (GTB) and Broward College Aviation Institute(BCAI). Together our common goal is education, inspiring the younger generation into the world of aviation, industry support, and increasing awareness of the career opportunities within the growing and urgently needed workforce in aerospace careers. A special thanks to the faculty and staff of both institutions for making the Top Gun and Exhibition competitions a big success!!”
Competitors worked individually and in teams on three skill testing events that included grading factors that tested both the quality and accuracy of the work performed, all while racing against the clock and each other. The main title for Top Gun was about getting the work done in time to very specific standards and specifications as established and accepted by the aerospace industry.
The Exhibition Competitions for teams of 2 to 3 were improv-style tasks: the “Clean Cut” and the “Out the Window” events.  These high action events, performed on sections of an aircraft structure, required skills to quickly and cleanly cut open the aircraft skin for the “Clean Cut”. The “Out the Window” was very loud as the teams raced against the clock while removing large rivets holding windows to the fuselage skins without damaging the frames or skins. All of this gave the spectators an opportunity to experience the fast pace and unique jobs all in a short but noisy space of time.
AVIATION NETWorX would like to give a shout out to the junior technicians from George T Baker for taking on the challenge to work in front of an audience for the “Metal Bashers Tour” “TOP GUN” Tournament. Every one of these young techs are the ones who made this a great success.  
The excitement and comradery and exceptional skills and improvisational techniques demonstrated by the competitors was “that was more fun than we thought”. That was the word from many spectators in attendance.
Ciro Hidalgo, the Principal of George T Baker said, “We really enjoyed the Aero Skills Tournament. The event gave our students a great opportunity to show their skills in aviation maintenance…everyone involved had a great time! The events were challenging but a lot of fun. It gave our students a chance to compete with other students and see how they “stacked” up to the completion. We definitely plan to return next year”. 
AST Top Gun First, best points taking the Win. First to third was: Andres Lopez, Juan Alvarado, Roger Mato
AST Out the Window was won by Team #2; Alex Weiss, Otoniel Tamayo, Jean Delchiaro
AST Clean Cut was won by Team #3; Andres Lopez / Roger Mato
All winners were from Miami, with the TOP GUN Winner advancing to the Regional Finals, location to be announced in the new year.