9 Cities, 14 Days, And Close To 2,000 Miles

Submitted by Ben Ankenbauer Tue, 07/10/2018 - 12:01

"9 cities, 14 days, and close to 2,000 miles in promotional support of ATG Aero Skills Tournaments: To those businesses and schools visited, thank you for receiving me. Also, I want to give a supportive shout-out to the Work Campers I met along the way."

There are hackathons, buildathons, robot competitions, coding camps, even cooking competitions at the county fair. Lately, I saw a young man participating in a hackathon from a coffee shop. These events are open to the public and trending toward ubiquitous. Attendees imagine themselves as becoming part of the profession, even taking the championship away from the winner. Industry supports competitions to secure an interest in talent development, morale programs, community image, and/or brand recognition.

Other than ATG Aero Skills Tournaments, Aerospace and Aviation tournaments tend to be tied to exposition type events not readily accessible to the public. No wonder that the Aero Trades are struggling to draw people in an ever tightening labor market.

Money for technical education helps. Even if there is money, how can we sustain a quality workforce in Aero Trades if other skills have far more supported public venues than us.

ATG Aero Skills Tournaments are designed to be conducted locally (specific for your operations) and regionally, culminating in a national championship to help close that gap. Form a team. Become a sponsor. The competition gives prospects a chance to connect with technicians and leaders. That is, to witness and touch a new career in aviation and aerospace. Learn More

- Alford Hardy, Business Development, ATG