Aero Skills Tournament Finals – Dallas Texas

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Media Release – Oct. 30, 2018

Aero Skills Tournament Finals – Dallas Texas

With the legendary American Airlines Flagship Knoxville as a back drop, the sea of dedication bricks lining the
floor, this was an amazing venue, the history of the Museum was surrounding our event. An event also suited
to the cowboys of the US with our gunslinger themed competition.
But… we were there to make our own history, once again we had a great turnout, with 5 senior’s competitors,
7 junior’s competitors, this event heated up fast. The competitors were focused and ready. As the excitement
built up, we saw a fast build time of 8 minutes, from a junior! A time the seniors are still scratching their heads
over. The friendly banter began!

There were high fives, atta boys, good job, and oh dang (word changed to protect the user) you beat me
exchanged. All competitors vying for the bragging rights of “Top Gun”, who’s it going to be going to the
Nationals, the excitement of the unknown had the competitors peeking over shoulders trying to see scores,
comparing projects and quality.

As the event went on competitors turned into the winners. And the winners walked away splitting 6,300
dollars, cash in their pockets and 1st place now looking to an all-expenses paid trip to Tucson, AZ, for the
National Final event, on Saturday December 15, at Old Tucson, Hollywood’s, Gunslinger town.

The winners of the competition ran as follows:

Junior Level Structures:
1st Xavier Ojeda
2nd Benjamin Vlahos
3rd Brandon LaMora

Senior Level Structures:
1st Dusty Barnes
2nd Juan Torres
3rd Robert Olivares

Structures Exhibition Team Rounds (randomly chosen Teams of Structures*):
1st Benjamin Vlahos , Xavier Ojeda – both Juniors by the way.
2nd Dusty Barnes , Darius Bimage
3rd Juan Torres , Brandon LaMora

Over forty schools have competed over the past couple of years with many more schools and facilities
providing feedback. Where the Local events at the trade schools and the Regional events across the country
are set to an audience engaging competition with Individual Top Gun and Team Exhibition competitions, the
National format is based ONLY upon the Top Gun Fab and Build project. This Championship had four time-
based and quality rounds; fabrication, build (riveting parts together), disassembly (removing the rivets) and reassembly of the same parts. Special thanks to each competitor, school and industry partner as they truly are
the ones who have been instrumental in bringing the whole idea to life!

AERO SKILLS is a competition based on industry processes and best practices, set in an audience environment
so that students and the community at large have an opportunity to see technicians demonstrating their skills,
hear about the numerous career options the aerospace industry has to offer and to tour an aviation facility or
school to see first-hand what a career in aviation is all about. For competitors it’s not only competing with
likeminded people, but it also quickly opens the door to the many employment opportunities that exist in the
aerospace industry today.

ATG’s Aviation NETWorX platform features a new autonomous, heuristic work force development program
and CertTEC is a performance-based testing platform. Both are the industry sponsors for the Aero Skills Tour,
and they would like to give a shout out to technicians who are taking on the challenge across the country.
“Every one of these young techs (and of course the senior techs) made these events great and proved that it’s
a fun and unique experience for all, guaranteed.” said a sponsor spokesperson.
ATG Aircraft Technologies Group specializes in providing work force support to the heavy maintenance
industries and manufacturing through highly skilled technicians and teams, streamlining service, standardizing
and targeting, and through fixed price programs.

For more about what ATG, NETWorX workforce development programs please visit: and to
learn more about the Aero Skills Tournament please visit:

David Rowe
Jay Logie
ATG and AST Office; 250-766-0734 / 888-832-6284