Aircraft Technologies Group Announces Two Programs Aimed at the Imminent Aero Skills Gap Crisis JUL 7, 2016

Submitted by Tammy Cook Wed, 06/20/2018 - 10:32

Aircraft Technologies Group (ATG) is excited to announce the July 7th launch of two new programs for the skilled trades market; solutions to combat the impending skills gap crisis and provide technicians to fill the ever-expanding growth in the industry.

Jay Logie, founder and CEO of ATG says, “Younger people are not being attracted to the aero maintenance trades in sufficient numbers to replace the older technicians that are retiring, nor to compensate for the expected industry growth. These two programs are aimed at attracting young people and to provide hiring companies access to thousands of qualified individuals. It’s time for a new approach”
Aviation NETWorX and the Aero Skills Tournament have been under development for 5 years and are now live on-line with a full market Beta test. Welcome to the 21st Century and the SIG – the Social Integration Generation.
Aviation NETWorX* is an integrated, data connection system and virtual office providing aircraft maintenance and manufacturing companies and trade schools access to thousands of proven, skilled people at the click of a mouse. (*patent pending) Designed around the cornerstones of quality, productivity, communication and integrity, the NETWorX platform is a self-serve, multi-port system based upon the philosophy ATG has used to vet and prove skilled trades people successfully for working with our customers for the past 17 years – a Heuristic system that brings the best to the surface through screening, proving and incentives. Further designed to standardize training prerequisites across the industry to make customers’ workforces more affective.
Aero Skills Tournament (AST), administered through NETWorX, is a platform to raise awareness and create excitement to attract and draw people into the aviation trades from trade school and industry communities. This external outreach methodology utilizing competition events for the Top Guns in the Aero Skill trades is set in a general audience-engaging format to plant the seed with the younger generation. Over 40 Part 147 Schools have been engaged and excited in AST for 2017 and beyond. There will be Exhibition events in 2016 and Regional and National competitions in 2017.
About ATGOver 17 years in the Skilled People and Teams business; our mantra, EFFECTIVE, RELIABLE PROVEN! Just imagine all the skilled people a business can count on, self serve, at the click of a mouse. The future is bright for resourcing people, your “most valuable assets", when using ATG, AST and the AVIATION NETWorX. ATG’s thorough and intensive recruiting, screening and testing process means we are able to find you the right person for any of your aviation job requirements. For more information, visit or contact: David Rowe or Jay Logie or call 250-766-0734 or 888-832-6284.
Courtesy from AMT Magazine