After the referred technician has been accepted through the on-line system AND the candidate has been successful at a job for a minimum of 60 days, then you can receive the bonus.

Three steps to referring;

  1. Verify their work ethic, or know someone who knows them and who will vouch for their work ethic or complete a thorough check with their previous managers or supervisors. Checking with their buddies usually isn’t wise or dependable.
  2. Ensure they are not already in the ATG network. Use the ATG website to forward their name so we can check if they’re in the system. If they’re not, we will ask you to provide all the required candidate’s details.
  3. Make it official by having your referred tech form signed by both the referred tech and the sponsor/referring person.  Utilize the new system on myATG.

Referral process

First – submit full name of referred technician with sponsor's name, phone number and/or e-mail. DO NOT INCLUDE REFERRED TECHNICIANS CONTACT INFO

As a Technician, you can do this from a form displayed on your profile.

Second – ATG to confirm whether we have their name in the system or not. Response will be communicated by phone or email or both.

Third – if the referred individual is not already in the system, the sponsor to provide the referred tech’s contact info and an attached resume if available.

Fourth – ATG to verify with signed paperwork that all is in order to proceed with the relationship.

Referral and Royalty Bonuses

ATG provides both a Referral Program and a Royalty Program; Each project we work may have either one of these programs – in either case, it’s only paid after the referred person works a minimum of 60 days successfully. Only one or the other program is paid per tech referred. Usually it takes 5 successful technician Referrals before switching to Royalties.  Please sign-up to see the Technician Portal/Virtual Office, for more details, regarding Associate Memberships Perks and the Referral / Royalty Programs. .