AST- Aircraft Structures Tour SC

Tournament Date

Saturday, October 15, 2016 - 11:00am


Saturday October 15, 2016

Greenville Technical College SC TAC

111 Connecticut Court

Greenville, SC

Trades Open House starts @11:00

AST Competition starts @1:00

AST Top Gun Greenville
Out the Window
Mathew Mckinney and Darian Cooper

Dalton Hawkiins and Anthony Overholt
Clean Cut
Dalton Hawkins and Anthony Overholt
Carl Washburn, the head of GTC Aviation Center at SCTAC said
“The Aero Skills Tournament was a great event for the area, not only to raise awareness of the opportunity in the aerospace industry but both the faculty and the students had a chance to network and compare notes on our programs. I’m proud to say ALL of our students who competed did so well considering the challenges; they’re all winners to me. We look forward to inviting our community at large and any challengers out for the next one”.


The Metal Bashers Competition at Greenville Tech (GTC) – A Fabulous Success

The Aero Skills Tournament (AST) reports winners on the 2nd stop on the US Aircraft Structures Tournament - TOP GUN Event in Greenville, SC.
It was all hands on deck at the GTC Aviation Building, at the South Carolina Technology and Aviation Center (SCTAC), where many witnessed a first in Aero Skills awareness for the area.
Jay Logie, President of Aircraft Technologies Group, developers of the event, said, “The AST Metal Bashers Tour is bringing community, education and industry together in the common goal of increasing the awareness of the career opportunities within the growing and urgently needed workforce in the aerospace careers. A special thanks to everyone who participated in the Top Gun and exhibition competitions; and especially for everyone who helped make it happen. Next Round is in Miami Florida on Saturday December 3rd.”
Competitors worked individually and in teams on three skill testing events that included grading factors that tested both the quality and accuracy of the work performed, all while racing against the clock and each other. The main title for Top Gun was about getting the work done in time to very specific standards and specifications as established and accepted by the aerospace industry.
The exhibition events for teams of 2 were improv-style jobs: the “Clean Cut” and the “Out the Window” events.  These high action events, performed on sections of an aircraft fuselage, required skills to quickly and cleanly cut open the aircraft skin for the “Clean Cut”. The “Out the Window” was very loud as the teams raced against the clock while removing large rivets holding windows to the fuselage skins without damaging the frames or skins. All of this gave the spectators an opportunity to experience the fast pace and tough jobs all in a short but noisy space of time.
AVIATION NETWorX would like to give a shout out to the junior technicians from both Teams from GTC Aviation Center and from Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics (PIA), Myrtle Beach Campus for taking on the challenge and contributing to the fabulous success of the “Metal Bashers Tour” “TOP GUN” tournament – great to see PIA make it after being disrupted by Hurricane Mathew. All these young techs are the ones who made this a great success.  
The excitement and comradery and exceptional skills and improvisational techniques demonstrated by the competitors was “Loud and fast action…really great fun to watch.” That was the word from many spectators in attendance.
Not only were the trade schools involved but honorable mention to William Stanfield, from Lockheed Martin, Greenville facility, volunteered to and oversaw the inspection of the projects.
AST Top Gun First was tied so going to the best in quality points taking the Win. First to third was: Anthony Overholt, Eric Gibson, Adam Clark.
AST Out the Window was tied between teams; Mathew McKinney and Darian Cooper / Dalton Hawkins and Anthony Overholt.
AST Clean Cut was won by team; Dalton Hawkins and Anthony Overholt.

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