AST - Aircraft Structures Tour AZ

Tournament Date

Saturday, February 11, 2017 - 2:00pm


AST Top Gun Tucson
Out the Window
Ryan Geddes and Raphael Brunet
Clean Cut
Aaron Williams and Josh Estrada
Rivet Shoot
Ryan Geddes and Raphael Brunet
Josh Klugman, a competing student from PCC said,
“Thank you so much for putting on this competition. … I know the other competitors had a great time as well. I urge anyone interested in the aero trades, taking an A & P class or anyone who has just entered into the workforce as an A & P, to participate in these competitions. It's a fantastic way to make connections and meet great people; as well as having a fun time!”
Dave Raymond, faculty from PCC said,
“Thank you again for all your time and effort ……..The scene generally could have not been better. I felt that the stations in the contest were a great sampling of the requirements for a structures technician to maintain and master in our industry today. The rapid fire and manifolding of the project layouts made the transitions easy to follow for the contestants. The applicants reported feeling a sense of pride and excitement to be displaying their individual skill sets; while demonstrating what their academic pursuit has taught them so far. The blueprint contained some gotcha’s that even the seasoned veterans did not catch. Between the projects there were multiple stimulation of the peripheral and tactile sensory inputs to satisfy every type of learning style. The applicants reported that they in fact did not only compete, but they also learned additional skills by participating in the competition.” - Dave Raymond is also the Adjunct Professor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

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These trades’ tournaments, developed by ATG, are an amazing opportunity for raising awareness and planting seeds in potential technicians in their early years. The ASTs will create excitement, raise awareness & attract students to the aircraft college and trade schools, and renew interest in researching aero trades as a rewarding career. The industry is growing rapidly – the future is bright, however there is an issue of serious concern – the Skills Gap Crisis. Younger individuals are not being attracted to the trades in sufficient numbers to replace those techs retiring from the industry. Through open invitations to everyone including grade schools and other potential students to attend and observe the contests, these tournaments will be a catalyst to stimulate that much needed interest and lead to increased student enrollment. Our long-term strategy is to create a synergy and network across the world-wide industry through the AST program, creating other opportunities, efficiencies and reliabilities for everyone.

The tournament, for technicians, apprentices and journeypersons, will offer them an opportunity to demonstrate their skills individually and to compete against one another fabricating aircraft parts in a competition format. The event will bring together MROs, trades people, museums and other interested individuals along with representatives from colleges, trades schools as well as interested and invited public and students. Entrants will be competing on a level playing field with their own tools where the successful winner for each location will be awarded a trip to Las Vegas for the finals. There they will compete head-to-head with the winners from the eight different regions for a cash purse of $15,000.

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