What Our Technicians Say

"I have been in aviation for 26 years, 13 of those as a contractor. I have worked for most of the big contract houses and a lot of smaller ones. I have been happily dedicated to ATG for about 4 years. In my opinion, there is no better house out there. They have always went the extra mile to make my employment as trouble free as possible. Weekly paid on time, always. If there ever was an error it was taken care of immediately. They make you feel important. You are not just a number with ATG. If you have the experience of the top percentage of aviation technicians and you are lucky enough to...

Scott G. - Fabrication Tech contractor for Sikorsky Global Helicopters

"Let me start by saying I have been in aviation for 40 plus years with the last 19 years contracting for different contract houses over the years.  I have an A&P which allows me to work in different areas ranging from complicated jobs to difficult. ATG is a contract house that I have worked for over the years and never hesitate to recommend the company when people ask me about the ATG stickers which are on my tool box.ATG is the best company I have ever worked for.  It seems that the employees care about the mechanics in the field.  I have never had pay problems and anything that I am...

Glenn Smith Red Oak, IA.

 "I have been working on aircraft for around 16 years, and have met my share of contractors from many different agencies. Have heard allot of gripes from guys about how they were treated over the years. But not one thing bad was ever said about ATG so I gave them a call. I joined ATG last October as my first attempt at contracting, I was so nervous about hitting the road and working for a new place. But the people at ATG were so easy to work with, it set my mind at ease, they took care of everything, the complete process was a snap. Best call I have ever made."

Doug Plummer